Focus group implemented in Portugal

Two focus groups were conducted in Portugal, one in Portimao and another in Lisbon, in order to reach 17 young people.

Participants didn’t have problems understanding most of the questions, but they were not fully sure what youth policies are and what the difference is between local and national level. They all share a very strong national identity, but they also feel good being citizens of the EU, especially because of the access to easy travel, good medical care, and a high standard of education. They think that young people don’t know enough about the EU and policies for young people, and although there are some communication channels for dissemination of the opportunities and how the EU institutions work, young people stated that the platforms are not reaching their full potential and that is needed to change the approach.

Some of the focus group participants participated in European youth opportunities, on which they reflected quite positively. Participants consider that opportunities such as Erasmus+ and Interrail build European identity.

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