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MANO EUROPA is a non-governmental, non-profit youth organization created in 2017, by a group of young ambitious people wanting more advocating for youth activism, with headquarters in Kaunas, Lithuania. We are actively involved in youth projects development and implementation in the local, national and international non-formal education sphere, that directly aims at personal and professional development of the young people.

We have volunteers who are coming from universities such as Vytautas Magnus and high-schools in Kaunas region.

Mano Europa encourages youth to be more active citizens, identifying and solving problems relevant for society and making impact in our community.

Our main goals are:

• Encourage and facilitate (inter)national mobility of youth trough European programs in order for young people to improve their skills and give them chance to gain new knowledge, valuable experience and professional integration to labor market.

• Expand and improve social cooperation and volunteering projects with other associations;

• Enhance values of tolerance, human dignity, solidarity, empathy, cooperation, social justice and social integration;

• Combat discrimination, intolerance, hate speech and promote equality;

• Promote a healthy and ecological lifestyle, and a sustainable development;

• Develop digital tools and methods which would help to deliver quality and inclusive education through online tools.

DYPALL Network (Developing Youth Participation at Local Level) is a European platform of over 80 civil society organizations and local authorities from more than 30 countries, that aims to involve young people in decision-making processes at local level, and thus enable municipal and regional authorities to address the needs and interests of youth, engage young people as active actors of problem-solving and increase the level of ownership, commitment and involvement of an important part of our communities.

DKolektiv – an organization for social development developed on the achievements of the 15-year activity of the Volunteer Center Osijek in the field of development of volunteerism, civil society and democratic culture. DKolektiv is based on the principles of solidarity, humanity, respect for diversity, non-violence, tolerance, understanding, responsibility and cooperation. We are an organization that is socially sensitive, that nurtures dialogue and cooperation, protects human dignity and human rights, contributes to solidarity and social cohesion, actively listens and argues for sustainable development, a humane, open and democratic society.Through our activities, we want to contribute to the development of democratic culture, active citizenship, the development of volunteering, a strong and progressive civil society, good governance, an inclusive society and a better position of minority, vulnerable and marginalized groups. DKolektiv is characterized by independence of action and open presence, exchange of knowledge and capacities, openness to different opinions and attitudes, and sharing of knowledge and expertise in the field of activity. DKolektiv cooperates with civil society organizations, initiatives, citizens, public institutions, public and private institutions, media, economy as well as European and international organizations.We pay special attention to the creation of targeted and sustainable interventions through projects and programs that are implemented in cooperation with other organizations. We strive to be innovative in our actions, promote positive changes, create opportunities for learning and development, foster dialogue and create connections between people, organizations and communities.

GLOCAL FACTORY is a network of experts working for inclusion and innovation in Europe.

The Project Team writes and carries out European projects in different fields, focusing on Erasmus+, AMIF, and REC programmes. With its international Team based in Italy and Greece, Glocal Factory is composed of both experts with years of knowledge in EU projects and new young members, bringing in complementary skills.

Our work relies on a wide international network of our partners, consisting on more than 30 public and private organisations and institutions but also schools from more than 20 countries inside and outside Europe. Their contribution is crucial when it comes to designing projects, developing creative and innovative tools, implementing inclusive activities and events.