Youth2EUrope training course for youth workers

The Youth2EUrope training course for youth workers took place from 4th – 8th September in Osijek, Croatia.

The primary objective of this activity was to develop a network of trained youth workers aiming to mobilize a growing youth community interested in EU matters and stimulate the active participation of young people.

The training encompassed various activities, including an engaging European Parliament simulation, centred on crucial aspects of how youth workers perceive and facilitate youth involvement in active and democratic engagement. During the simulation, young participants convened to replicate European decision-making processes and engage in deliberations on pressing EU agenda topics. They assumed roles such as Members of the European Parliament, Heads of State, Council Ministers, or journalists, effectively mirroring the functions of real policymakers and grappling with the challenges and requisite efforts to uphold the integrity of European democracy.

The overarching objectives of the training were as follows:

  • To impart knowledge about the European Parliament simulation game to youth workers, enabling them to effectively incorporate and employ it in their day-to-day interactions with young people.
  • To provide youth workers with an enhanced understanding of the European Union’s decision-making mechanisms.
  • To enhance the skills and competencies of youth workers by introducing them to exemplary practices that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, the reinforcement of skills, and the cultivation of attitudes and behaviours that serve as the foundation for the social and political engagement of young citizens.

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