European Parliament simulation in Portugal

On the 23rd and 27th November 2023 students of high school Agrupamento de Escolas Poeta António Aleixo in Portimão, Portugal had a chance to experience European Parliament simulation in their classes.  In the terms of educational experiences that captivate students’ attention, simulated exercises stand out as a favorite among learners. These exercises not only introduce students to new scenarios but also provide them with an enjoyable platform for participation. According to teachers, such simulations often lead students to discover hidden sides of their character, adding an element of self-discovery to the learning process.

During these exercises, each student is assigned a role beforehand, accompanied by a QR code and a proposal. Additionally, students are equipped with links to research deeper the political parties and the European Parliament, all provided by the Y2EU partnership consortium. Information sheets detailing the political groups are distributed to students at the beginning of the simulation session, ensuring a seamless transition into the exercise.

From the perspective of teachers, it is evident that students derive immense pleasure from various aspects of the simulation, with particular enthusiasm towards the plenary sittings. The role of rapporteurs sparkled special interest among students, who enjoyed the opportunity to present their findings. Furthermore, the chance to engage in debates, hear conclusions from other groups, and ask questions raised by journalists all contribute to the excitement of the exercise. Ultimately, students eagerly expressed their conclusions, provided answers, and participated in voting processes, culminating in a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

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