European Parliament simulations in Italy

On Wednesday, 29th November, at “Don Mazza” University College, 15 young people gathered to simulate a day in the European Parliament. Each participant represented a parliamentarian and actively engaged in discussions within their respective parliamentary groups and commissions. The session addressed three legislative proposals of fundamental importance: the gender pay gap, the reform of the internal voting method, and the liberalization of the digital market.

Following a brief introduction by the representative of Glocal Factory, the entire two-hour session was presided over by Laura, the President of Parliament. The event commenced with a questionnaire on European institutions to assess the participants’ level of preparation and create some initial competition. Subsequently, parliamentarians convened in groups to understand and discuss their opinions and legislative proposals. Plenary sessions, featuring questions and debates, alternated with commission work and group consultations.

After passionate (and at times, agitated) discussions, Parliament resolved to approve all three laws. The simulation provided a challenging and enjoyable experience, prompting contemplation. Interpreting a parliamentarian with opposing ideas proved difficult, yet it allowed participants to comprehend the intricacies of “party” dynamics and voting mechanisms—distinguishing personal beliefs from broader political processes. The discussions, negotiations, and the entire procedure highlighted internal dynamics within Parliament that were previously unimagined.

The unique and worthwhile experience left each participant as an ambassador of their own. Given the approval of these crucial laws, a lingering doubt remains—wouldn’t a world with greater representation of young people in Parliament and politics, in general, lead to a better future?

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