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Y2EU boosts young political participation across Europe

Local collaborations with associations and organisations in each country further enriched the project’s scope and increased its reach. In Verona, the project benefited greatly from the collaboration with the Young European Federalists (GFE), who provided invaluable expertise on European matters and played a crucial role in engaging participants.

The European elections served as a key benchmark to measure the real participation of young people in politics through voting. Not surprisingly, in the month leading up to the elections, Y2EU promoted a robust social media campaign to motivate and inform young voters.

While it’s still early to fully evaluate the impact of the youth vote in the latest European elections, initial observations suggest that voter turnout in certain EU regions exceeded the 64% indicated by the most recent Eurobarometer survey. This suggests that Euroscepticism, often associated with voter abstention, may be more prevalent among older generations. The voting patterns also reveal a significant polarisation among young voters within the EU. Although traditionally aligned with progressive and green parties, there is a noticeable rise in support for right-wing and far-right parties among younger voters. As indicated by the turnout figures, despite their varying political affiliations, young people generally exhibit a more pro-European stance.

The Y2EU project exemplifies how initiatives can successfully foster civic awareness and political participation among young Europeans. By combining training, simulations, and awareness campaigns, the project is cultivating a generation of informed and proactive young citizens, ready to contribute to shape the future of Europe.

Data source on 2024 EU elections:

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